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01 Jan 2016, 9:10 am

SavageMessiah wrote:
Most EM is a cop-out for slim profits versus talent.

It works but only on a business level but not much else.

My two cents....
Pfffttt...I shall unclog my no.....

Oh wait, this is not Monty Python. Most electronic music? Ummm, no, there has been electronic music on the periphery long before it became profitable. Artists like Theramin (yes, the instrument is named after him), Walter/Wendy Carlos, Les Paul, Pink Floyd's stuff from as far back as the mid 60's and even the Monkees (The first to predominantly use the Moog on a Pop record) used it in two of their songs: 'Daily Nightly' and 'Star Collector'. So the electronic instrument ain't what's described or electronic music.

Maybe you refer to the modern version of top 40 of any genre? Most of that is formulized to the point of sterility until the next new thing comes along that breaks that mold. Then, they will analyze that until it can be duplicated just different enough to not be sued and then fed to the masses.

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