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18 Feb 2016, 8:55 am

This post is from an adult to help you NEVER do this!
If you are invited to someone's house to eat lunch and hang out, never do this:
Eat before you go and then take one bite out of a slice of pizza, leave it in the dish, and say you'd like a doggie bag to take a couple of slices home...and a soda too. :evil:
When offered dessert, take a smidgen and just leave on a coffee table with your germy spoon still stuck in it. :twisted:
Tell one of the people who invited you that they make too much noise when they eat. :(
Call your Dad on your cell phone just to chat. :roll:
Insult every movie that your host offers you to watch. :x
Invite your host for a one-on-one-sleepover after knowing them for about two weeks. 8O
Act like you're 7 when you're 17. :P
If you've done these things, is it any wonder why nobody likes you? :o