High functioning autism and Adapative functioning

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10 May 2017, 7:25 pm

Yigeren wrote:
BeaArthur wrote:
I'm not sure that executive function wasn't taught. My two Aspergers kids didn't bother to learn study skills because they could waltz through school barely cracking a book. But in college, you can't do that as easily, and their performance suffered.

Study skills include organization, planning (for a project, say), staying on task, following a structure, meeting the requirements of a task. I would say there's a lot of executive function there being taught - if the student agrees to learn it.

No one taught me study skills. I went to crappy schools and I don't recall being taught by my parents. I never had to study until college. Unfortunately, once homework began to count towards the grade in late elementary school, I went from straight A's to D's and F's because I couldn't remember to and/or couldn't make myself do the homework.

I began to have trouble keeping track of all the assignments and different classes in middle school. I did well on all the tests, but that wasn't enough. Eventually I dropped out of high school, but it was for different reasons.

I had to teach myself study skills at college. I didn't do a very good job. I couldn't ever take more than 2 classes at a time, because I couldn't keep track of everything, became stressed, would develop terrible anxiety and eventually shut down and withdraw from the class.

Now I'm asking my therapist to help me teach myself study skills and other ways to adapt so that I can do more at once.

Oh. I so understand this! I was considered a nerd in a junior high school where the mere appellation could get you beat up. I was also the "classic underachiever". Because I couldn't force myself to do my homework, I barely graduated high school even though I was "gifted". I began to understand the importance of studying when I was in Nuclear Field "A" School in Orlando,FL. The sheer volume of the material and speed I was required to perform at pushed me to my limits and actually caused a couple of mental/psychological breaks. It was also the first time anyone suspected that I might have something truly different going on as I was diagnosed with a personality disorder (unspecified) shortly thereafter. This was before the DSM IV came out or I might have lost my career back then. When I finally got around to college I completed my Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude, primarily because of the organizational skills I learned in the service.

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