How can I let women know I find them attractive?

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02 Mar 2016, 12:21 pm

The means I've used in the past is to just tell a girl, "Hey, you're really beautiful." But I've been told that that's creepy and makes you look like a rapist if you do it with someone you don't know really well. I have a lot of trouble building relationships, and I also have a lot of trouble expressing my feelings for someone. Sometimes I'm just so captivated by a woman's beauty that I have to express that feeling, but I don't know how. Flirting seems to be something only women can do, because if a man does it, it's seen as predatory behavior. I need some advice from people who have been in successful relationships. How did you express yourself initially?


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02 Mar 2016, 9:16 pm

Smile and say hello. Don't believe the flirting is predatory crap. It's not and only a small amount think that way, and they aren't girls you would want to date them anyway.

I'm giving it another shot. We will see.
My forum is still there and everyone is welcome to come join as well. There is a private women only subforum there if anyone is interested. Also, there is no CAPTCHA. ;-)

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02 Mar 2016, 9:23 pm

Smile, engage the girls in conversation. It IS creepy to randomly walk up to girls and tell them they're pretty.


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02 Mar 2016, 10:22 pm

I don't think it's always creepy (for a guy to tell a girl he doesn't know that she's beautiful), but it can be when it's done in a certain way.

I recall a random guy approaching me in the store once, to tell me this, and it was flattering. I think the trick is to not linger, stare, and avoid certain tones that will make it sound creepy. These things seem to put pressure on the situation and when the person lingers or their voice trails off, it might hint that they're expecting something out of the other person.