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06 Mar 2016, 4:35 am

I'm not sure if any of these have been posted here before...

... but I found a few candidate matchmakers on-line, where people can compare their own political beliefs with those of the 2016 presidential candidates. I find such tests to be sobering exercises, as they tend to neutralize the effects of spin and rhetoric and focus on the actual political issues instead.

Here are a few (the CNN test is the fastest to complete, btw):

CNN: ... atchmaker/

Societly (Used by both The Washington Post and Fox):

USA Today: ... atch-game/

Procon (the best, in my opinion)

Not all are completely up to date, but one can simply ignore the candidates which have subsequently dropped out.

My scores (only top 3)

O'Malley - Out

Sanders (79%)
Clinton (78%)
Kasich (40%)

However, there is an option not to weight responses. If not weighed, Hillary comes in 1st in my case.

Sanders (31/37)
Clinton (29/35)
Rubio (8/28)

USA Today:
Clinton (79%)
Chafee (64%) - Out
O'Malley (57%) - Out

Would you kindly try them out?

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06 Mar 2016, 9:15 am is a good one that is up to date and pretty comprehensive, you can weigh the questions

I got with them

82% Gary Johnson
79% Donald Trump
74% Bernie Sanders
Hillary 51%
Bloomberg 44%


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06 Mar 2016, 10:26 am

Something like this was posted before this election year.
They gave you both an overall score, and a score for specific categories like "foreign policy".

For overall score I got matched with Bernie Sanders, with Hillary in second place.

But on foreign policy my "match" was Republican Mike Huckabee of all people.

Not that that match is wrong, just that it was unexpected.


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06 Mar 2016, 3:05 pm

I did the CNN one and it matched me with Hillary. Which is in fact the candidate for whom I plan to vote in the primary, and in the general election if she is nominated and not under indictment in connection with her e-mails.

In fact, I think I will now go to the "unpopular political views" and come clean about this.

Nice to have some confirmation that I plan to vote for the candidate that best represents my politics. Which I know won't improve anybody's opinion of me.

(edit) The Societly page matched me with Hillary, with Sanders a close second, whereas the Procon page matched me with Sanders, with Hillary a close second. So I suppose I'm only 66.67% evil.

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