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10 Mar 2016, 11:48 am

Basically, I had to go and see someone at lunchtime in school who I'd never met before, and I was freaking out before it because I hate meeting new people. I met the person, and he spoke, then said "do you have any questions?"
I went mute then because I was very anxious. I just sat there for about half a minute before making a weird panic noise and running out of the room. I then went back to the room where I eat lunch and someone asked me "what happened? Are you okay? Were they nice? Tell me? Talk to me?"
No way could I speak at that point and I was trying to hold back tears, but they kept pestering me with questions. People in the room were playing catch with a pen, and after two throws, the pen went straight at me and hit my neck. At that point, I couldn't cope and I just moaned and burst into tears.
The person hugged me and asked if I was okay, and people were crowding round me and all I wanted was to be left alone, and I still couldn't speak and I just wanted everyone to go, so I just made this weird frustrated growl, but no one reacted so I grabbed a chair and threw it across the room then ran out of the room crying and I banged my head against the wall in the corridor then went to my next lesson and people asked if I was ok again.
I just screamed and turned away, then people got the message and backed off. I went into my lesson and just zoned out as a coping mechanism. I don't know what happened in the first 30 minutes of the lesson because I zoned out and I calmed down when I blocked everything out (when I zoned out).
Would this be a meltdown or a shutdown?

Also, I felt, and still do feel very exhausted after this.

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10 Mar 2016, 4:16 pm

The answer would be yes, unless you're asking whether it was one or the other. In which case, it's semantics. One could say that a shutdown is one manifestation of a meltdown.


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10 Mar 2016, 4:27 pm

Sounds like a panic attack to me however thats up to you to decide, the definition of Meltdown, and shutdowns varies a lot from person to person but with a vague description you can decide for yourself

Meltdown: A loss of Emotional and/or physical control in stressful situation. Over pour of emotions

Shutdown: Brain dissociates itself, brain shuts down information processing, language and cognitive function. Person can still function but very limited

Panic Attack: Overwhelming feeling of anxiety causing difficulty problem solving, black and white thinking, hyperventilating, difficulty talking, and feelings of flight or fight.

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10 Mar 2016, 4:44 pm

It sounds like the build up to a meltdown, followed by a shutdown. But, either way, I am sorry that you were dealing with this.

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