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The Gift
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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01 May 2016, 8:33 pm

Simple thread, really.

Alfred Hitchcock
Sam Peckinpah
John Frankenheimer
Michael Mann
John Woo
William Friedkin
Francis Ford Coppola
Brian De Palma
Martin Scorsese
Steven Spielberg
Ridley Scott
Tony Scott
John Carpenter
Albert Pyun
Jonathan Demme
David Lynch
David Cronenberg
David Fincher
Paul Verhoeven
Stanley Kubrick
Fritz Lang
Orson Welles
John Schlesinger
Walter Hill
Gareth Edwards
Guillermo Del Toro
Ishiro Honda
Kinji Fukasaku
John McTiernan
Quentin Tarantino


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01 May 2016, 8:41 pm

Kubrick, Coppola and John Carpenter spring to mind but I can't say I have explored every film by each of them yet, I take a long time to explore things, Kubrick was a genius, his attention to detail is ludicrous. Hitchcock I already know I'm gonna love most of his stuff but have only seen Rear Window and The Birds and half of Psycho, but I just know I'll love a lot of his other work too.

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