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07 Jun 2016, 4:24 pm

Ok. There is a lot of specialized vocabulary in any one group. Inthe autistic circle, we have stimming and spoons and so on. Some words come from the doctors that have watched over us. Other words come directly from the community.

Like, "neurodiversity." This word was made in the autistic community to describe the belief that there are lots of different neurotypes in the human genome. Things like autism, ADHD, and Tourettes were not necessarily flaws in the system, but natural witings of our minds.

But, still, we do not have a word to describe those who are a part of a neurominority. We have the word neurodivergent, but it includes literally anything and everything. From depression to PTSD to BPD. I propose that we create a new adjective to describe people of different mind wirings, who aren’t necessarily ill.

Maybe since the book “Neurotribes” has come out, we could use distribal? Because dis means different.
Or, we could use neoneural?

I’m just here to brain storm ideas. Please feel free to add suggestions!