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27 Jun 2016, 11:04 am

was probably discussed before, but I am new, today.
21 yr. old daughter has high functioning Aspergers and is taking her driving test in a couple of weeks (at least I hope so). She is still having difficulty with parallel parking. To start with she isn't thrilled about driving anyway. She knows I want her to get her license for independence....also she will be required to do an internship when she goes into the masters program at college. She is a senior in college now. In addition, we live in the country and driving is required to get anywhere! She knows that once she gets her license, she can drive as much or as little as she wants to/as needed.
She does well on open roads, better in towns when I have driven the same route with her several times, but gets very frustrated with parking.
She get anxious/frustrated easily.
I know that part of her is doing this for me, but the other part would enjoy being able to jump into the car and go down the road for ice cream by herself (she has told me such).
any ideas, suggestions, tricks of the trade?
I just want to help her do this well enough to pass and further her independence!
thank you so much!

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27 Jun 2016, 10:10 pm


Another new-to-WP parent here! I do not have AS myself (15 yo daughter has) but I definitely have some kind of anxiety disorder though. I learned to drive when I was 22...and don't tell anyone but I still can't parallel park :D

I was a terrible driver...anxiety made it worse...I haven't much advice other than to drive with your daughter as much as you can. Make sure she knows the route inside out and tell her to try and find parking lots where she doesn't have to parallel park! Once she passes the test (and she will!) practice and time will help her gain confidence. Good luck to her and to you!


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01 Jul 2016, 7:47 pm

I had the same problem.

The solution for me was to measure the spot I would have to test in and set up barrels and a chain in the yard and let me practice, practice, practice, practice until I could do it.

ALONE. Practicing alone was key. Because I had multiple multiple multiple meltdowns over it. I had black eyes, bloody knuckles, bite marks, and black-and-purple thighs for two months. I kept it up until I could do it perfectly every time, because I knew I would only have the courage to take the test once.

Nineteen years later, I can probably parallel park a school bus. I am the best at parallel parking I know.

Every car has two reference points. They are different for every car. You have to find them by trial and error. When the first reference point passes the "car in front," cut the wheel sharply toward the curb and continue backing up. When the second reference point passes the "car in front," cut the wheel sharply the other way and continue backing up. Pay attention to the "car behind you" and go slow, checking once in a while to make sure you're not going to hit the "car in front of you." Once you get the reference points right, you won't hit the curb or be too far from it.

Make sure to test with the car she practices in.

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