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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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03 Jul 2016, 12:50 pm

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I have been together for over three years (lesbian couple) and we live together. However, we have been arguing a lot recently, we have always argued but its getting worse. She adnitted the other day she does not want to be with me and she has started loving me less a few months ago. This obv broke my heart but she insisted she wants to make things work.

Today she went out to see a friend and didnt invite me (if I go out I always invite her as we have been together for so long we r practically married) and she has been out all day and texted me earlier she would not be home until.later tonight, I cannot understand why she wants to be out for this long, she speaks to this friend (a guy) on whatsup almost every day so why does she want to spend all these hours with him? What the hell are they going to talk about? I am always paranoid she is going to cheat on me as the two girls I loved in the past have done it and my last girlfriend did it too.

My gf insists she is very gay and doesnt fancy this guy friend but she seems to find any way she can to not spend time with me now on weekends. She works all week and I want to spend time with her on her days off. I am a very clingy an needy gf who wants to be my girlfriends world but with my current gf I dont feel like hers anymore.

She has recently gotten an amazing new job so I think that also has to do with the fact her feelings have changed for me. I am unemployed and cant give her anything , she always criticises me for being unemployed when.we argue as well...and I dont have the confidence she does.

I was honest about my ASD in the beginning too but it seems like in some ways she cant handle being with someone with my issues...i have told her many times if she is unhappy with me, I cant force her to stay so she can.move out and rent a room somewhere but she never does (we live with my parents) I love her so much but I guess we are too different?.she has changed and wants different things but isnt admitting it? Your thoughts please....sometimes it feels like only fellow people with ASD like yourselves are the ones I can talk to.