If you could make your city autism-friendly, what would you?

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10 Aug 2016, 10:50 am

I'm a NYC resident; I had to get used to the noise of the subway!

It used to be considerably worse in the 1960s.

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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10 Aug 2016, 10:57 am

Hey Alex! Thanks for your input, I don't drive as I have always tried to prioritise public transport, but I am beginning to think having my own vehicle (I've looked into the egg-car which is basically a 4-wheeled motorbike and electric cars) might just be more practical. Having said that, I am still determined to try and make city living and public spaces inclusive for autistic people, after all, we've done it (and I'm super happy to do it) for sufferers of other disabilities, such as wheelchair users, the deaf, blind, or just parents trying to drag buggies up stairs in elevator-less subways.

On another note, I had a quick peek at your facebook page and saw about the Bridge, featuring a female Aspergers character, I am so excited!! !! I will definitely check it out, this is great awareness-raising :) (silent) High-five!


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10 Aug 2016, 3:48 pm

I believe my city is pretty autism friendly. It's just 17,5k people town, with 485,6 os./km². We have quite a few shops so they are not too crowded nor loud (except for InterMarche and Stokrotka, their loud music sucks), actually there are times when you have to wait for cashier to realize you are waiting to pay because you are the only customer in whole whole supermarket and cashier is not sitting in his spot. LOL
The only thing that bothers me is public transportation (it goes as it likes, ever 2h or so) and lack of places to go. We have a swimming pool, a weekend cinema and a few bars but that's it. There is no hobby clubs and stuff. People just sit in their houses or gardens all days and nights long, going out only for shopping/work. Or going to another city. But the ticket is expensive and you have to travel 1,5h to get to a big city. Well, you can be in neighboor city in 20 mins but its only twice the size and there is also not much to do. They got a park, a culture centre (with a few clubs) and an actual mall (still not crowded/noisy enough to give me sensory overload) but that's all. And the ticket is still too expensive. 4PLN/20mins/8kms? What kind of transport is that?

Oh. And finding a job is a big issue here. This is what they should change. We need more workplaces, especially ones that hire a lot of specialized workers. The only job offerts here currently are shop clerks, sales reps and random builders - for small companies, requiring every worker to be able to multitask.