Where did my racist thread go? Racist topics violate rules

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30 Jul 2016, 9:42 am

Please note the PPR forum rules here.

Protected groups.
The site rules DO protect a few groups. So it is not acceptable to make posts that attack based on (a) gender, (b) race or (c) sexual orientation.
a) So creating sexist threads is not acceptable. It would be acceptable to discuss sexism itself however, for example regarding the glass ceiling in job promotions faced by many women or other social issues associated with sexism.
b) Creating threads attacking black people (or any other colour) is not acceptable. However, it is quite acceptable to discuss issues regarding racial tensions and racism itself. So there would be no problem debating why race riots occurred somewhere, but it would not be acceptable to say that a particular race smells bad or are stupid.
c) Creating threads referring to faggots or making offensive remarks about people who are gay, lesbian, queer, transgender etc is not acceptable. It is acceptable to debate sexuality itself and the reasons why some people are not heterosexual. It is also acceptable to talk about gay lifestyles and culture etc, though that is perhaps better done in the LGBT forum.

A topic asking if the lives of people of a given race, gender, or sexual orientation matter is asking people to consider a negative answer, and thus violates these guidelines and site rules.

If you are considering creating such a topic, please don't. It will be removed.

If you find such a topic has been created by someone else, please report it so that it can be removed quickly.

If you post replies on such a topic, expect them to disappear along with the topic when it is discovered.