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03 Oct 2016, 11:41 am

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SaveFerris wrote:
I have gastro problems but I think they are stress related or it could be that I always had an aversion to fruit and vegetables and am now paying the price.

Could be stress. But, if it's bothersome, see a GI. I put it off for too long.

If the GI has access to the knowledge that you are on the spectrum, don't let him use that to cop out of ordering tests.

Someone else asked why so many gastro issues with ASDs? I know emerging science is finding specific differences in gut bacteria in the ASD person than in neurotypical people. However, adding a probiotic doesn't "cure" you. I'm sure the picture is much more complex than that.

I find it all fascinating how many different organisms live inside of each of us. It's more like we are functioning ecosystems rather than distinct beings. And you can move up from the individual and see groups of people and study the behavior of that and you can get lost in where exactly is "personhood". I used to get lost in that a lot. :P

I've had a few tests done but nothing showed up , it may be an intolerance to some food but nothing apparent. It may also be the meds I'm on. Currently it's been a few days since I've had problems and the only real change has been my stress levels.

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