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07 Aug 2016, 10:15 am

I am starting a new school next week and i am increasingly worried, stressed and anxious.
Yesterday i was at home with my family and a family friend, as always i had my ICE medical id bracelet on (which says "I am autistic"). The family friend saw the bracelet and read outloud what it said. He was not aware of my diagnosis. I wear the bracelet incase i go nonverbal, but keep it on all the time.
When this happened yesterday there was an awkward silence because i did not know how to respond.
Does anyone have suggestions??


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07 Aug 2016, 11:33 am

Someone saw mine recently and said "doing your part for charity, right?"
I said "um no, actually that's just me."
We were then able to get into a discussion about autism and how different each autistic person is, we are not just a textbook cardboard cutout clones of each other.
I know this person to be intelligent, inquisitive, open minded and good natured, and thus I judged it appropriate to be able to have that discussion and enlighten them on some more fringe aspects of autism.
I think it depends on the person you're speaking to. If you think they're receptive to a decent discussion that might get to know you better, then I'd own up to it, as I did in this instance, and you might have a good conversation.
If the person is known to be ignorant and comes at it more along the lines of "autism? What the hell are you wearing that for, autistics are retarded! I'd just ignore them and walk away.

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