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09 Aug 2016, 1:55 am

Has anyone seen the Girl Meets World episode on Disney that addresses Asperger's for a character named Farkle? It kind of made me mad when they kept saying "No matter what happens, you'll still be Farkle." I felt as if they were saying that this character having Asperger's would make him less of who he was before, instead of helping him understand more of himself now. Then I read this article on the episode and I realized how much work Disney put into this SINGLE episode. The whole episode was focused on understanding, acceptance, and compassion. They brought in THREE different specialists. THREE. They haven't brought in any for ANY other episode. Isn't that amazing? And they spent a whole season of the show prepping for that episode. There's only two seasons so far. I think that's amazing. At least someone is representing the Autism Spectrum right so far. Disney broke a huge barrier with that one episode by being the first show to openly address a character possibly having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Here's the article I read: