called an "aspie" online how to reply(read description)

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
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14 Aug 2016, 3:01 pm

If you got called an aspie online, you must have been pretty obvious. On ebay, you shouldn't need to ask more than three questions.


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14 Aug 2016, 3:24 pm

Sweetleaf wrote:
If I was an eBay seller I'd probably block someone if all they did was spam questions to whether it's their 'quirk' or not...especially since I'd include all the information I can on the page itself. I mean it's not up to them to decide for you if you want the item...if you're so unsure you need to ask a ton of questions maybe just don't buy the item, but don't interrogate the seller.

yyyyep. selling stuff on ebay is hugely annoying. people keep asking stupid questions, 90% of which either have thorough answers in the description already or are things i have no way of knowing. i'm not a store owner or a sales representative. i'm just some guy trying to get rid of stuff i don't use anymore. and in the end, it's almost always the people who ask only one or zero questions that actually buy the item

last time i tried to sell something on ebay i ended up slashing the price in half just so someone would just buy it already and not bother me about it, which in practice only attracted even more fussy cheapskates. conclusion: "you know what. f**k you all. i'm giving this to charity"



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15 Aug 2016, 1:49 pm

I'd let it go. He probably doesn't even remember making that comment.


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12 Jan 2017, 2:24 am

sorry to necrobump but good news! I know how to solve my problem and it does not bother me anymore!

First off the ebay seller who blocked me a few weeks later, he got terrible reviews on ebay. people said he was a scammer and that he was VERY RUDE AND NASTY and to not buy from him!

No wonder he blocked me! I asked where he stores his figures and weather he comes from a smoke free home.

Well I got my answer on why he blocked me I was too smart to be duped by him!:D

But the other person who called me an aspie I know what I shoulda said to put them in their place! I should have said: "What does aspergers have to do with this? I'm not an aspie but it looks like the user right above me who will remain unamed is since thats all she talks about hmmm?"

Here is the reasoning for example i knew a kid in my highschool who was a closet homosexual and would constantly say nasty homophobic things to the other guys but it was obvious he was secretly gay ie I caught him watching homosexual adult films on his school issued ipad then on the last day of senior year of high school he privately asked me if I would accept him if he was gay. I said of course I would and he had a very relieved look on his face.

So I was thinking that maybe the person who called me an "aspie" was probably scared that they had aspergers so to hide it they would try to tease those with aspergers every chance they got to attempt to reassure themselves that they did not have aspergers.

But he he :lol: I lost my old ebay account (forgot credentials and had to make a new one) so not that i'd want to but i could buy from that nasty seller :lol: (he only blocked 1 account)

BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS! That if someone is rude and nasty to you because you have aspergers KEEP IN MIND! that POSSIBLY they are scared and confused with coping with their diagnosis!

BTW I fully support people with aspergers they are very down to earth people who are kind and humane.


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13 Jan 2017, 5:49 pm

If anyone called me an aspie I'd say to them, "thank you, I'm proud to be an aspie", even if it was meant to be an insult. I don't like saying "I have Asperger's Disorder", because it sounds like a disease or something I should be ashamed if.