Are you fascinated with batteries?

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04 Sep 2016, 11:01 pm

No. I am bothered by their being expensive, wearing out too quickly and being bad for the environment. Several years ago I even decided to cut out and remove the things that hold the batteries in my talking plush toys. I think I was feeling very guilty after hearing owning such toys was "wrong", that it meant I had no imagination which is the only thing they should be running on. I had very bad anxiety and did some pretty weird things back then.

And the commercials are annoying. They're always tell you "don't buy the other popular brand because they suck". They don't just tell you the other batteries didn't last as long as theirs, but it's like they want you believe that only their brand should be used in an emergency situation like flashlights during a natural disaster. Commercials for everyday items have gotten as ugly as the attack ads politicians use.