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29 Aug 2016, 10:10 am

Had a nice hotel ordered for this coming weekend Labor Day weekend! That I really enjoyed on our first visit a few years back. and that DARN TROPICAL STORM IS COMING THROUGH FL! It was a hotel I LOVED before!! !!

Dad suggested in door stuff like some dumb museum! (Ripleys went there during a California summer 99 trip and a wax museum and hated BOTH!)

Outlet mall shopping but that's spending MONEY I DON'T HAVE!! !! !

Orlando is an hour away so even if you DID find something to buy can't "return it" so to speak!

Can't "eat healthy" use the outdoor grill!! !! ! at the resort in rain!

Can't lay by the pool and read my Kindle which was my plan!! !

MAYBE if it stops a little MAYBE do Universal! (we have annual passes!)

But will it downpour Fri-Monday!!???) :-(

Trip ruined!! !!