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09 Sep 2016, 11:40 am

It gets boring staying home cleaning house all day!! ! Sure I can read a good book or go for a walk but it's the same everyday!! !! Can't think of much different to do. Waiting on SSI/lawyer stuff which is Feb. 2017 - Sept. 2017 to even get a hearing plus how ever many months after to get my check/insurance going again!! !!

Even when I get SSI fixed I don't believe I can do a full-time job it just seems too stressful from all the experiences I've heard! family/friends seems like too much stress and anxiety and depressing! I had a meltdown trying to do applications even those questionnaires which is Why Oct. 2015 I started back with a lawyer to get SSI fixed. and that was just doing applications! Not actually having a job!!

Staying home cleaning gets boring!! !! Same daily bathrooms! sweep/mop! dishes! (breakfast/dinner dishes) laundry! Take care of our two dogs! Same monotony every week! I know a job would be no different just different "work" "tasks" instead of cleaning your house it's filing papers! Working a register! Whatever your boss tells you to do! But just the monotony of house cleaning is driving me up a wall!! !! !