Losing my mind. Is this due to aspergers?

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18 Oct 2016, 9:24 pm

I have been losing my mind yesterday and today. Yesterday I went for a drive at night with my mom. I was the passenger. We drove out onto dark country roads and I started freaking out. I was terrified and convinced I was going to die and every car we passed I thought we were going to hit it. When we got home I had a bit of a breakdown. Before that, I was having what I call a very autistic day. Not responding sometimes to people when they talked to me, no eye contact, drumming out random beats on everything I touched, singing weird songs I made up.

Today the effect has continued. I am afraid. I spent most of the day in bed just afraid of living. I'm up now and I'm afraid to play videogames, which is really weird. I was supposed to go to a dinner tonight but I didnt go because I was curled up in bed terrified.

Also lately I have been smelling things that aren't there and having minor visual halucinations like dots in my peripheral vision or perspective on things becoming really big to the point of making me freak out.

I don't know what's going on. I think I need a neurologist. I am going to my doctor tomorrow. I was supposed to go today but I couldn't.


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18 Oct 2016, 9:49 pm

At least some of that sounds like anxiety, which often goes along with AS. I wonder if there was a recent situation in which you felt overwhelmed which may have triggered these anxieties.

Some of that sounds very familiar, though probably on a lesser scale for me. As best as possible, I find it helpful to bring familiarity/comfort back to my surroundings. Favorite pet(s), tv shows, etc. and avoid (within reason) sources of stress.

At any rate, I hope things start turning back around soon.


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18 Oct 2016, 10:03 pm

Anxiety yes. It just sounds like a panic attack. But I would want to rule out MAV, too. That's migraine associated vertigo. I know people usually think migraines are just headeaches. But in this case, it affects the vestibular system, and might produce your sensation of not being safe in a moving car. But honestly, that's an outside possibility. It's more likely that you just had a panic attack. Terrible, aren't they?

The smelling weird things and the visual hallucinations are typical of migraines.

I'm really glad you are going to see a doctor. I really doubt you are loosing your mind. Just sensitive and sick right now.

I makes sense that your autistic stims are picking up. This is a stressful situation and stims are how we cope. You're going to be fine.

One thing to try for panic is a mug of very warm water. You drink it. The warmth calms the vegas nerve and can get your nervous to calm down. You can do warm milk too if that would feel better for you. It doesn't work every time, but as there's no down side to having a cup of warm water, it's worth it to try. If this is a panic attack, your visual dots are probably dehydration. Water is an amazing remedy. We ignore it too often.

The most commonly effective home remedy for migraine is one tylonal, one asprin, and one cup of coffee, taken together. Obviously, you would want to try this in the morning. If those OTC medicines are safe for you, so should that remedy. Again, if it doesn't work, there's really no harm done.