Type of Thinking: Word/Fact, Visual-Object, Visual-Spatial

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04 Nov 2016, 10:13 am

Just finished, not including appendices, Temple Grandin's "The Autistic Brain" and came to the realization that I have all three (within a point) types of thinking. During the course of reading the book, I recalled several different aspects of my life growing up and learning. I exceled in Math, Literature, Science, Accounting, and so much more. The biggest inhibitor for subjects was personal interest in the subject. I love woodworking (both creating plans and implementing them), singing, dancing, drawing, etc. I'm literally a mix of all types of thinking.

That brings me to the most important part of this post. Interest....... I have so many things I truly excel in that it's hard to select what I want to do. I'm currently working in the Semi-conductor industry as a Clean Room Lab Administrator. I work on many different types of things that require all three styles of thinking. Is it a good fit? Possibly. The problem is tying in all three types of thinking in tandem. It causes me to lose track of projects and zone out much more often. It's excruciating because I literally see the objects, patterns, and words all mixed together. I have to separate things and then sort them out. Most cases, my sight goes out of focus and withdraw into myself. I get overloaded with information. I have to step back and take walks to process it all. I have to draw diagrams, write it out logically, and draw pictures for my full thinking to come to fruition.

So, what do I do? I came to the conclusion that this is just how my brain works. Throughout life, I've tried only using one method for one type of thinking. Now, I need to figure out how to use all of them together. I'm not even sure if this has been experienced before. I'm not even sure that this is even possible. How could it be possible? A Poetic, Programming, Painter? It sounds so ridiculous, but it's how I feel all the time.

That leaves me to ask you this question. "Do you think similarly?"




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04 Nov 2016, 11:41 am

i agree that daily experience can not be divided up so neatly. however, one type can predominate. i rem,ember at one point in my life when i made a realization about reading. i realized that up to some previous point, when i read, i automatically transformed what i was reading into visual imagery; & that i was doing so no longer, but becoming more conscious of the words & particularly the sounds of the words. it wasn't all or nothing, but i did notice a change.

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04 Nov 2016, 1:03 pm

just about everything i think is usually visual, like on the rare occasion i actually pick up a book the characters are imagined and speak the words in my head, rather then just being words. and when trying to think of a concept or work something out, its always visual images. that works out as im a visual learner, i learn by seeing it being done (also partially kinisthetic, learning through doing)

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04 Nov 2016, 10:40 pm

I'm a visual-object thinker. I have images of different objects going through my mind, constantly. I get creative with my visualizations and turn them into art.


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