Northern California Resources for Adults?

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12 Nov 2016, 9:20 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have been seeing a therapist for almost a year now for social anxiety, depression, and binge-eating. During a recent session, my therapist remarked that I exhibited similar traits to someone on the autistic spectrum. She specifically used the word Asperger's. I didn't believe her at first, but the more I looked into it, the more I think I have it.

When I read personal accounts written by high-functioning adult women who weren't diagnosed until later in life, I really really really recognize myself in their stories. Finding this out at my age (mid 30's) has been extremely emotional for me. I've always felt like I didn't belong and that if I only tried harder, life wouldn't be so...difficult. If I do have Asperger's, it feels like I can finally forgive myself for not being better.

Unfortunately, my therapist has more experience with diagnosing autistic children, and that's not good enough for me. This revelation has been like a bombshell, and I need to KNOW. I've done a bunch of online quizzes (all positive for Asperger's), but I want to get a formal assessment done. However, I'm having a hard time finding resources tailored for adults.

Any recommendations? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Also, has anyone heard of the Autism Center of Northern California? They primarily work with children, but they confirmed via email that they provide adult assessments for people who have never been diagnosed before. I think they must be new because I can't find much else about them online aside from their website...