The Maximum Superior Biological Blueprints of the Organism.

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16 Nov 2016, 3:39 pm

Morphology - Daria Blaze
Advanced Experimental Entity
Biome - Sick Sad World

Stage 1 of Regulation - "The Beautiful Bully"
The [mental/chemical] regulators navigate the bridge amongst the id, the ego, and the superorganism.

The regulations of energies.
During times of rage, a calmness.
There is no fear.
Crying all night, and soaking up the tears, to feminize and become beautiful. Image
During aggression, there is no fear. Simply happiness.
Thus we can craft the ultimate organism.
We can maximize the glamour.
We can construct a great beast, a beautiful beast, both strong in glamour, intellect and in raw strength.Image

The beast, can transform at a moment's need, unleashing the Dragon within.
This is the superior organism. With it, we can transform society unto more glamorous ends, improving aesthetics and evolution and increase the harmony more than sevenfold.

Specimens report a 30% increase in combat abilities and a marked increase in cognitive function. Recommend regulators to all specimens.

I am mad.


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23 Nov 2016, 5:26 am

^^as spock mighta said, "Fascinating.... " :star: