MCU vs Arrowverse: Black Widow & Black/White Canary

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Which one do you like the most?
Black Widow 100%  100%  [ 1 ]
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08 Dec 2016, 3:29 pm

I was debating which female hero from the Arrowverse to compare to Black Widow and I guess obviously it had to be one of the Black Canarys. The question is which one Sara (who later became White Canary) or Laurel. Well I went for Sara because I like her more and since Black Widow is probably the most popular superheroine from the MCU I get the feeling that Sara is probably the Arrowverse's most popular superheroine. Granted Vixen had her own mini series but there's another MCU hero I had in mind to compare her too. For the record I like Black Widow more. I like Canary, plus she has a backstory whereas Widow's despite some hints is still a mystery. But Widow has a lot more of a charm to her and she feels more like she wants to be a hero and wipe the blood off her hands and yeah Canary wants to save the day too but I feel like she's OK with blood on her hands. Not that I don't mind Superheroes who actually don't feel guilty about killing e.g. Wolverine, the Punisher.