Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: Talk, Trade, and Battle!

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Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?
Diamonds are a Trainer's best friend! 80%  80%  [ 4 ]
...Pursed by a trainer whose game is Pearl... 20%  20%  [ 1 ]
Total votes : 5


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17 May 2007, 2:14 pm

I love this game. I got into the hall of fame two days ago! It's great!
On trading, I'm looking for someone with a Burmy (Any level). I need it to complete my Pokedex! Would anyone be willing to part with theirs for a Level 50 Uxie? If so, my Friend Code is 1289 4830 9749.
Happy Battling!

P.S.: If it's innapropriate to post these, I'll erase it.