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19 Feb 2017, 7:50 pm

OMG it's still Sunday! The radio announced 6 o'clock news, so I leapt from bed ... you've heard this before from me, haven't you? I can't tell night from day. So I went around doing breakfast things for Monday and it's 6pm supper time Sunday.

Oh, how the time drags!

I'm moving, as I've only told you a million times. And I'm 66yo so exhaustion prevails. Although I must admit that I'm on time for my meals, just in the wrong hemisphere.

You may wonder what sort of idiot waits avidly for Monday. It's my apartment hunting day - one of the peaks of the emotional Alps I'm clambering around these days. I guess it'll only be a series of phone calls, then the dreaded shower, then the go-see.