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20 May 2007, 1:19 pm

In my case it looks this way - I have something what I called a sense of joke - and it's not the same what simply a sense of humour. I get only those jokes that are really vulgar and coarse :oops: :twisted: I know a lot of such jokes and funny stories and I often tell them to people. Recently my favourite one is a story of a boy who was lying in his bed in the night time, playing with himself while watching an adult film. Suddenly he heard his mum's steps so he quickly changed the channel at random and his mother had a unique occasion to see her son wanking while watching TV which was just showing Lech Kaczyński :twisted: Unfortunately I recall funny stories in the most inadequate situations - for example, a few weeks ago I was sitting in the classroom with other students, discussing the relationship between Mr Schaeffer and Tico Feo in Capote's "A diamond guitar" and suddenly I couldn't help but I started to smile widely :D (I myself don't know why). My teacher who knows me to be one of the most controversial people in our school :P grinned himself and said: "Magda is probably going to say something about gays" :D Maybe now when I'm writing about this, it doesn't seem to be so funny but in that moment all the people was staring at me as if I had just arrived from another planet :lol:
But I hate it when somebody makes laugh at me :evil: My face becames red and I want to strangle that person :evil: Unfortunately I've a cousin who is a prankster - he knows well that I tend to take things literally so he's still trying to bamboozle me.