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25 Feb 2017, 5:08 am

It is really intriguing to me: although there is anti-Semitism in every country, anti-Roman Catholic sentiment, is stronger in the United States and Great Britain. Notice, although the Soviet Communists actually had carried out many of the very same military atrocities and crimes against Humanity, usually associated with the German Nazis, History has chosen to be more forgiving to Joseph Stalin than to Adolf Hitler.

Also notice, if there is only one other group, quite as condemned and vilified as the Nazis, it is the Mafia. Both very Roman Catholic groups. Indeed, the top ranking Nazis were, almost to a man, born into Roman Catholic families. And to a lesser extent, the Media of Communications, do vilify and condemn others, like the Communists and the Ku Klux Klan and of late the Islamists. But, it is never quite the same. It never feels the same. None of the other three are perceived as irredeemably and absolutely evil.

Also, notice, Irish Americans and Italian Americans and German Americans, who do take pride in their Ethnic Heritages are perceived, by the U.S. Media, as for the most part, Working Class, and adherents of Roman Catholicism as well. This suggests not only religious, but Class bigotry as well. Moreover, in history, during the time of Prohibition, such Ethnic Groups, not only Irish Americans, but Italian Americans and German Americans, as well, were depicted as drunkards.

I wonder, if any of you have any thoughts on this? I actually fear that there is probably a vast under swell of anti-Catholic sentiment, in America and Britain, to this very day.