NASA about to announce Existence of Aliens

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22 Jul 2017, 11:20 am

Kraichgauer wrote:
auntblabby wrote:
who knows how a level 1 or 2 civilization would act?

I personally think we need to dispense of all this talk about an enlightened, beneficent alien civilization contacting us. They would have gotten to be the supreme species on their planet the same way we did - by being the most ruthless and intelligent life form.

Interstellar invasions would be really hard though, so they would need some reason to do it. They probably can't use us as food because we would likely be so biologically different that we would be poisonous to them, it would be pointless to invade us for resources like metals or water that can be found in abundance in space, if they needed a new biosphere thy could probably terraform Mars which doesn't have a hostile civilization defending it, and if they initiated trade with us giving us technology in exchange for resources or land then it would be much easier.

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