So I dated a Nigerian girl it didn't end well

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02 May 2017, 12:55 pm

I worked for the Israeli group that bought up all the major cab companies on chicago back in 2009 and never in my life have I been threatened every day over the phone by Nigerian cab drivers screaming at me demanding I will die if I do not give them an ohare fare.

Basically before Uber and still after there are two ways a cab driver can operate getting street fares which is easy but sadly to become a cab driver in most areas of the U.S you have to be rich.

Essentially you have to pay 200k for a medallion, then pay monthly fees you also have to go to college in the city of Chicago to become a taxi driver.

So most foreigners espically Nigerians are intellectuals who migrated here who don't know how to talk to people and scream at people demanding they get in the car. They don't just threaten the operators they threaten customers as well.

The second way which is the most popular one for bad cab drivers which were most of them was the gandullf which someone calls in and the system dispatches it to the closest taxi in the area that has the system on like uber.

Sadly Nigerians couldn't handle this demanding anywhere they go has to be ohare and can't be going to places they don't want to go and even though it's against the law refusing someone who wants to pay by credit card they would still do it.

And for some reason Nigerian cab drivers always have to add in the words 'Motherf***er' and 'amen'

Lol when uber took over and regular Americans and not foreign intellectuals could drive again it decimated them.

Also that job turned me into a 419 eater. Basically I tricked Nigerian scam artists.

Lol so that's my mind set. So one day I found out I was dating a Nigerian from the north of Nigeria meaning she used to be a Muslim.

She was very pretty with long hair and it was all braided up.

But on the second date she demanded marriage and so on and I refused. One day I went to a pizza joint here in Chicago got drunk and I didn't know this but I found out I was talking to her about Nigerian scammers and Nigerian cab drivers.

Bottom line if you don't like Nigerian scammers or worked in an industry with Nigerians screaming at you perhaps it's best not to date a Nigerian

Btw we had one Nigerian cab driver we all would make fun of in private he was really bad.

He would call in, 'Top of da morning to ya dis is Sith Ate Nine! Who is greatest cab driver in world? You tell me motherfuckah"

We were not allowed to give fares to anyone but the supervisors would because everyone liked him because he was one of the four people who would bother going to pick up people on the south side.

We debated whether he did this so he could pick up crack heads to give them 'sexy time'

He and other Nigerians would also harass the female dispatchers and our Israeli overlord would fire anyone who complained


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02 May 2017, 4:06 pm

The are two groups who are always rivaling over business in many African countries including Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory coast, and Sierra Leone: The Israelis and the Lebanese.