Autistic friendly glasses alteration?

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07 May 2017, 3:11 am

I am having a LOT more trouble than usual with this eye contact thing - I cannot stand eye contact, and usually make none. However recently I'm made aware even more strongly that not making any eye contact at all is weird. Thus, when interacting, my mind is on the fact that I'm not making eye contact, this is weird and I'm probably expected to, but I cannot make myself do it - so I'm distracted and anxious interacting at all because all I can think about is this stupid eye contact issue.
So I started thinking about ways around this. I like the effect of those mirrored sunglasses, as you cannot see the person's eyes behind them at all, but I'm aware it's probably even weirder to wear sunglasses all the time, like in supermarkets, offices, anywhere indoors. Plus I don't like the dark effect of most sunglasses, turning all the colours of the day grey.
So I wondered if you can somehow get the mirrored effect - hiding my eyes from onlookers so I don't have to think about this eye contact thing constantly - on clear glasses. I have to wear prescription glasses all the time anyway, so it'd be perfect.
It seems it's possible on swimming goggles ( ... vQod3XgERQ) though I don't know if their mirroring also comes with a dark tint.
If it can't be done via an optometrist, I'd even be into adding my own mirrored film to glasses if it was clear, not tinted dark.
Modified glasses for different disabilities have been made, such as irlen lenses, and I wondered if something exists, or can be tweaked - perhaps for light sensitivities? - for autistics, to avoid this eye contact thing all the time.
Anyone have some ideas?

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07 May 2017, 3:44 am

These have a mirrored clear lens. I'm sure some optometrist could offer something similar. ... Sw3v5Yo0Af

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07 May 2017, 4:33 am

Perhaps speak to an optometrist to see what affect, if any, putting mirrored film on regular glasses would have on your vision. If it's harmless then perhaps it's worth a try.

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