Things you've learned this school year

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23 May 2007, 2:25 pm

In terms of both academic studies and social skills, I learned (not in any particular order, as you can tell):

* That being yourself is important, as long as you do it with a certain amount of self-respect and as long as you value your self-image

* That there is somewhere for everyone

* That a healthy sex life is not an impossibility for an aspie

* That I Can act

* That I can write

*That I'm good at learning languages

* That if you ask a girl out politely and get rejected, so what, life goes on, and you should take it as a compliment if she rejects you politely.

* That a date is just a date, not a lifelong commitment

* That you shouldn't claim to do things you obviously can't

* That J.D. Salinger is one of the greatest writers ever

* That Shakespeare's works are fairly light reads. Or at least eaier to read than Jane Austen

* That not everything goes well, but if life sucks, then it's your duty to do everything in your power to make it better

* That Theodore Roosevelt was an immature religious bigot

* That Howard Taft was a loser

* That Upton Sinclair should have won governor of California and FDR was just as corrupt as any other president despite doing a lot to improve the country (and that he and Eleanor pulled a Bill Clinton on each other)

* That even if it gets annoying at times, volunteering to help your community is ultimately rewarding

* That someone you think you know can become a completely different person within the course of less than half a year

* That you should make good use of every opportunity you have in the life you've been given

* That mathematics class can never be taught well regardless of who's teaching it or what their presentation style is like

* Not to wear anything without first being aware whether it's a symbol of anything or what it's a symbol of

* That getting to know other people is worth it, even if you don't like them

* That you should never be disappointed with what you have: There is always someone who has less than what you have

* That in high school they make you read poorly written Oprah's book club stories about little girls with an IQ of 70 who are neglected by their fathers and beaten by their mothers.

* That all kinds of music are worth listening to, just to give you something to talk about with others

* That self-educating in any subject is very worth it

* The definition of the word protean

* What a Eudaemon and Cacodaemon are

* That holding your tongue when you are about to say something you know to be stupid or false (even for humorous effect) is worth it.

* That combing your hair properly and making the right facial expression for an ID picture (or any photo for that matter) is definitely worth it. It was only because I remembered how hideous I looked in my school ID photo that I realized I didn't want to have that same hideous contortion of muscles and hideously combed hair displayed on my State ID.

* That people you dislike (or who dislike you) lurk around every corner. The best you can do is be respectful and not give people cause to dislike you

* That I believe in a higher power. Not in the form of a single all powerful male God, just in a higher power that has multiple aspects, both male and female.

* That all wisdom is paradoxical

* That the Tao that can be named is not the eternal and unchanging Tao

What did YOU learn this school year?


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23 May 2007, 2:42 pm

Yupa wrote:
In terms of both academic studies and social skills, I learned (not in any particular order, as you can tell):

* That a healthy sex life is not an impossibility for an aspie

Three cheers to that. Thanks for saying "healthy" and not "normal." ;)


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23 May 2007, 2:46 pm

I've learned that I cannot take in information properly without writing it down.
I've also learned that noise bothers me more when it's behind me, that I'm not bothered about sex that much, that I have a problem with remembering exactly where I am, an that I like corners.


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23 May 2007, 3:44 pm

I learned that I can absorb lots of information even when I dont want to, I got 95% on a math test which totally shocked me because I find math to be the most boring class in the world and I dont pay attention in class.


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23 May 2007, 3:55 pm

Yupa has made an absolutely AWESOME list. May my two boys find the same kind of "healthy" choices that you have.

What I've learned lately as a parent --

1. That I love my sons desperately, no matter what they do.

2. That the school officials really don't have a clue what they are doing in terms of Aspergers, and why should they? It's a relatively new thing that most "experts" haven't completely figured out.

3 That most of the time, my "hunches" about how to educate my son are probably right, and born out of experience.

4. That I should just calm down.

5. That if I want something done for my son, I'm gonna have to do it myself.

6. That school officials are not the bad guys, they are just uninformed.

7. Most teachers honestly want to help.

8. Sometimes, just sometimes, school principals are complete idiots.

9. That, if I don't know what to do with my son and his education, I shouldn't expect anyone else to have all the answers.

10. That, someday, if I'm really lucky, my son will write a list like Yupa did.


Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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27 May 2007, 6:40 am

I've learned:

*I don't have any genuine talent

*The other teens in PE don't even try to play the sport properly

*My parents tell me life isn't fair, but then proceed to make life even more unfair

*The better the grades I get, the more fights I get in with my parents

*My parents think that having some clothes on my bedroom floor, is gonna attract rats and give us all diseases

*People think I'm rude

*People think I'm always sad just because I'm not smiling.

*That kids can be very cruel (Well, this was really just reassured)

*My parents don't seem to know how to deal with me

*My parents are my biggest enemy half the time

*My parents can go from super angry at me 1 minute, to asking how my day was the next.

*Everything in the world seems to always be about sex.

*My friends are idiots

*Most people don't respect my intelligence, and the ones who do seem to overestimate it.

*I'm more aggressive when I get up at 1pm, because I'm mad that no one had the decency to wake me up (As if I wanted to sleep all of Saturday)

*I have to learn to deal with certain things, because the world isn't gonna stop for me, no matter how hard I try.

*I will never be the best at anything.

*people underestimate my general abilities

*People think that because I'm "fat" I suck at sports

*Other people anger too easily and need to lighten the heck up, stop being so negative, and calm down

*I don't actually want to be a ninja, I just wanna throw stuff at people, and sneak up on them

*People think I'm a pessimist because I talk down about myself.