Oliver Stone's New Mini-series, on Putin

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19 Jun 2017, 4:55 pm


It's called "The Putin Interviews", and it's available on "Showtime Anytime".


The most telling moment in The Putin Interviews, director Oliver Stone’s four-hour conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, recorded over the course of nearly two years, comes late in the second hour.

Stone is trying to get Putin to say whether he does or doesn’t like then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Putin demurs entirely, but offers up a theory of how power functions.

Should Sanders become president, Putin says, he would suddenly realize the vast weight of the American bureaucracy that existed underneath him. He might make some changes to the US on a domestic level, but he would ultimately be unable to change that much — the person at the head of the state matters less than the centuries of power the state has accumulated and will protect at all costs. People aren’t responsible for what happens; the vast structures surrounding them are. Look at Barack Obama, Putin suggests. He sincerely wanted to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, and did he? No. You can’t fight the state.


Oliver Stone is not a great interviewer, and that ultimately compromises this film

The knock against The Putin Interviews is that it’s a bit of hagiography on the part of Stone, who’s the kind of reflexive old lefty who sees the US as the root of almost all of the world’s ills and, therefore, anyone who opposes the US even mildly as a necessary evil to push back against the American-imposed darkness.


I just saw Oliver Stone on "Charlie Rose", and Charlie really, nearly, chewed him up, and spit him out, a couple of times----I don't know that I've ever seen Charlie do that----but, I didn't like Oliver's behavior, and don't blame Charlie, ONE bit!! Oftentimes, when Charlie would ask him a question, Oliver would do something like dramatically drop his head (as if to say: "Oh, no----not THIS, again"), because, like, one of the things that Charlie tried to ask him, was: "Alot of people think _______ about Putin" (the blank was filled-in, by a couple of different things, at different times).

Oliver Stone, IMO, had made-up his mind about Putin, and he was just NOT gonna hear ANYTHING else----and, Charlie wasn't saying that HE (Charlie) believed what other people had said about Putin, he was just trying to get out of Oliver, "How does Putin feel about, what people say about him?"----and, Oliver was being a real schmuck-wad, IMO, and UNbeLIEVably, like, childish, or something. Oliver was saying some things like, that he thought Putin was very calm, confident, etc., and was sounding like he (Oliver) really liked him (Putin)----and, I was thinking "You idiot, that's what he's been TRAINED to sound, like" (Putin). I haven't voiced my opinion, before, I don't think, on Putin----but, I wouldn't trust him, as far as I could throw him; and, IMO, Putin sold Oliver a boat-load, of dookey, and Oliver, gleefully bought it, and brought it home, and was like: "Oooo, lookey what *I* got"! !

Anyway, as much as I HATE subtitles, I would give, almost anything, to see this (can't watch it, online, either, if it's available, cuz I have limited bandwidth)----too bad it's on cable.....

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19 Jun 2017, 8:17 pm

My opinion on Putin is that he's been in power since 2000 and is now a senior citizen and so we have seen everything there is to be seen regarding how he operates. He's long in the tooth at this point. I don't think he's any where near as sinister and frighting as some have him made out to be. I think he's basically just a veteran politician. I don't think after all this time there's some secret diabolical plan he's getting ready to hatch.

As far as his demeanor goes, he does have a good one. I don't think there's any indication that it's some act he puts on when being interviewed by Americans. It's not like that's the only time he's on camera. Most likely what the world has seen in all this time is all there is to see.