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Emu Egg
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27 Oct 2017, 4:03 pm

Knowing what a gifted plotter (and writer) Chibnall is, my guess is that he wanted to do that to change it up, and everyone else just ran with it as "it's about time, feminism in action, etc." I think Chris knows his reputation with a huge fan community (which, to some extent, would factor into his future in the genre) hinges on him getting it right. Whatever the reasons behind the casting, Whittaker is a wonderful actor, and Chibnall's a great writer. I'm optimistic.

My personal feelings are that Capaldi (especially in series 9, as his goodness was definitely overblown a bit in series 10) embodied all the traits of all the doctors in pretty equal measure. Meaning that he wasn't as unique a doctor as any of the rest, but was the deconstruction of the Doctor, each of his seasons showing part of his arc (the grim steward, the lovable and unknowable alien, and the unabashed good guy). In short, he was, to me, the Doctoriest Doctor. To follow it up with another Tennant or Baker sort would be pretty boring to me. I'm honestly incredibly excited for Whittaker.

This is my first post on Wrong Planet. So yeah, DW is one of my main interests.


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31 Oct 2017, 8:45 am

emmasma wrote:
Somebody better rescue River from the library though! (unless that happens in season 10 and I just haven't seen it yet)

If you've only caught up until the library double episode, I'll just say... you both will and won't get that request.