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27 Jul 2017, 12:40 am

kraftiekortie wrote:
It was more than that.

I had social anxiety....of the stuttering, blubbering variety.

And I wasn't really all that good-looking. And I was short.

I wonder where he got the idea that women should approach HIM. This only happens, usually, on Sadie Hawkins Day.

Some people believe he was a narcissist. Even Enrico Gnaulati didn't think he was autistic and thought he was a narcissist because he cared about himself too much and autistic people aren't concerned how they appear to others or even care about their looks or getting attention. But be warned he does seemed to have an old fashioned view on what autism is and he also believes it's over diagnosed.

Son: Diagnosed w/anxiety and ADHD. Also academic delayed.

Daughter: NT, no diagnoses.


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27 Jul 2017, 4:36 am

karathraceandherspecialdestiny wrote:
naturalplastic wrote:
Lol. I guess he would trigger sensory issues in some aspies. LOL!

Wish he were a little less sophomoric in style. What he is saying is reasonable: Lets put aside our political agendas for a moment (pro gun, anti gun, more mental health care, prayer in school, scapegoating video games, etc. And look at this particular one case (and not worry yet about if it applies to other cases), and see how this particular crime could have been prevented. Then he goes into analyzing it-largely based on Rodgers own hundred page manifesto. But yeah I also bailed about two thirds the way through when he started getting even more over the top and loud. But I got most of his points about what he thinks caused this guy to do this one crime.

From what I watched he's rather misinformed about autism (he kept referring to it as a mental illness rather than a developmental disorder.) And if his conclusions are predicated on that basic misunderstanding of autism I don't know how much value they have, and I still don't really understand the point of this thread.

The thread is a bit inane. Elliot Rodgers apparently had a long laundry list of issues going back a long time (depression, and narcissism). Mild autism would have been the least of his issues even he had it (which is far from clear). Also he seemed to have had a bit of "affluenza". So its kinda dumb for a WP person to show that vid, and then ask other WP folks sort out if the guy has aspergers or not.


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27 Jul 2017, 12:27 pm

Guess we could try and sum some things up.... he was obsessed with not having a girlfriend, it seemed to be the only thing he conversed about (there is a YT video of someone going through his posts on various forums), he had a sense of entitlement, he felt that women should come to him rather than him doing anything to better himself, he blamed everyone\everything else for his lack of success rather than himself....doesn't sound like any of the posters on here so I doubt he had autism.