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04 Aug 2017, 12:04 am

Lintar wrote:
The very fact that the universe is at all comprehensible is a mystery that, in and of itself, needs to be addressed. Things could quite easily have turned out very differently, but (strangely enough, and thankfully for us) they did not. Recourse to "alternative realities" to account for this fortuitous set of circumstances will not do, if only because a) there is not a shred of evidence to support that particular hypothesis, and b) all it really does is push the whole problem up to an entirely new level (i.e. one has to then explain the "multiverse").

I'm on the fence with one part of that - ie. I do think evolution brings what holds in an environment to create greater complexity and that would at least hold true across any system I could imagine. That would suggest that any sort of dynamic or living system would be in a process where at least some of it, at some point (given enough environmental clemency not to blow the candle out altogether) the life that's cultivated by that circumstance would reach sufficient complexity to be able to contemplate the rules of whatever system its in. While life on earth was bacteria, sponges, etc.. there was nothing here that found the universe comprehensible and we may be speaking self-referentially in the same way any life form would in such alternate universes that hit a level of functioning equivalent to our own.

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