Thinking of starting a small tutoring business

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04 Aug 2017, 10:54 pm

Thinking of starting a small tutoring business and want to know what local parents would think about it. It would be for children and teens (grades 6+) on the spectrum and with related disabilities. One thing I would really try to do is work with the child's teachers and parents to develop supplemental exercises that engage them where they are and with what they need to work on (assuming I can get over any ferpa issues there, would probably need parents to waive it) to go along with what parents might bring. I would probably try to work with 3 students at a time and I would probably try to rent out study rooms at the library. Sessions would probably also be either m/w or t/th with Friday as a possible fun day.

A bit about me for those of you who don't know (probably most of you). I have a Master's degree in special education. I've been working with kids on spectrum and with related disabilities for over a decade, 5 years as a tutor/hab provider, 1 as a paraeducator, 1 as a teacher, the others with mostly volunteer work. In addition to this I am on the spectrum myself and understand the spectrum very well both inside and out.

So what do some of you parents think. How much would you pay for such a program, are you even interested (/would you have been when your kids were younger), any other feedback?