If you had the chance- what TV character would you rewrite?

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10 Aug 2017, 5:58 am

Say you just got a job as a TV writer, and you were allowed to write for any show of your choosing- what show would you choose, and what character would you portray differently? Sometimes I watch a show and I can't help but think "I wonder what the show would be like if this character was expanded upon in a different way".

Personally, for the show I would pick "Fairly odd parents" and for the character I would pick "Chloe". Now, I don't like the character of Chloe much, and I have to say that I way prefer the earlier seasons of the show. Season 2 was one of my favourite seasons. For me, season 9 was where it really started to go downhill in my opinion.

At the moment, I find Chloe to be a bit bland in terms of character development. I know I'm not the only one either, chances are if you search this character it'll come up with a bunch of YouTube videos on how she's terrible, plus polls have shown her to be not very popular with general audiences. But hey, if you like Chloe then I guess that's cool- but I certainly don't.

If I were to write her character, I would probably focus on her outbursts and how she likes to shred things when she loses her cool. I would also perhaps write an episode where she stresses out because she doesn't have anything to shred when she's panicking, and Timmy wonders why she's acting this way. He keeps asking her if she's ok, and even though she insists that everything is fine, Timmy can tell that something is amiss. Later on it is revealed that Chloe has agreed to do too many things and she can't cope with it all, but she's too stubborn to admit this. She believes that if she shows her weakness at any time, she will lose her friends when they realise that she isn't always on top of things in every situation. People count on her, and she's willing to give up her sanity a little just to keep up appearances.

This backfires however, as it gets to the point where she can no longer pretend to be fine. Without anything to shred, she worries about losing control and becomes insecure about what people might say about her to the point where she starts to withdraw from others in order to avoid anything that could possibly go wrong. She feels like she has failed herself. Timmy tries to comfort her but fails, so Wanda acts as a mother-figure to Chloe and this time Chloe feels better. Confident once again, Chloe admits that she wasn't at her best to her peers and that she will attempt to ask for help from now on more often, but that it's not always going to be easy to do so. Some of the class support her, but others do not.

In another episode, Chloe would wish to be loved by everyone again (due to losing friends in the previous episode) and Timmy would point out that wish isn't such a good idea since it backfired for him (in previous seasons), but Cosmo has already granted Chloe's wish so Timmy spends the episode pointing out the down-sides to shallow popularity. I think it would be cool if the show used the dynamic of Timmy and Chloe sharing fairies as a way for Timmy to teach Chloe lessons from his experiences, and perhaps now and then Chloe could teach Timmy a thing or two so that they both develop as characters thanks to one another.

Instead the show these days just seems to be pushing Timmy out of the main focus (despite him being the main character and all) and Chloe into his place. :roll: But personally I really think that the show would work better if Timmy took up something of a mentor role to Chloe, instead of slowly being replaced by her entirely. I haven't seen much of the new season, so who knows maybe it is taking this route now, but somehow I doubt it from what I've seen so far.

So...what character would you change? :)


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10 Aug 2017, 1:26 pm

Big Jim Rennie. He was a lot better as an anti-hero in season 1 and 3 of "Under the Dome" than as a villain in season 2.

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