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23 Aug 2017, 7:05 am

A lot of research has been conducted on cannabis and psychosis. Previous studies reviewed here on the Mental Elf have shown that smoking high potency ‘skunk’ appears to increase the risk of psychosis (Kennedy, 2015) and that cannabis use increases the likelihood of having a psychotic episode in those who are deemed to be high risk (Walsh, 2015). ... medication

I wonder how many here using cannabis stopped medication.

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23 Aug 2017, 9:00 pm

I have never had psychosis and while I am prescribed medical cannabis and it has replaced mulitple medications (ie. Opioids, NSAIDs, bronchodialators, as well as benzos for the most part) I am still on plenty of other medications.

It has had no effect on my complaince of any of my medications though I am generally the person who is in primary control of my medications and my doctors just for the most part follow my lead and prescribe me what I ask for. I am a highly informed patient and often know more about the medications than my doctors do. Rarely do they tell me something I don't already know and often they learn bits and pieces of information about meds and available treatment options from me that they weren't aware of.

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