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20 Sep 2017, 7:54 pm

Goth Fairy wrote:
I didn't get mis-diagnosed because I was too scared to go and see a doctor. But I definately had mental helath problems, including suicidal thoughts.

Eventually I had some kind of a break down where I cried for several days and couldn't find the will to do anything, and still instead of taking me to a doctor, my parents took me to some Church people to pray about it. Which didn't help. . .

in the topsy-turvy, crazy world, I hope you are able to find help, at least from time to time. :D

If you're a spiritual person, I'm not sure a religious leader is necessarily the worse person. However, pushing prayer is not cool. I think you wanted them to make an effort to really listen to you first, and then maybe prayer if that's your choice. Plus, it sounds like there was more than one person there, which is awkward at best. I myself don't like that, almost as if I'm expected to give a press conference.

I myself haven't had the best of luck with mental health professionals. Other people here at WrongPlanet have. I think both experiences are 'normal,' regular, typical, standard.