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13 Oct 2017, 1:56 am

Autism & Innovation center established to help people with ASD find meaningful work

Creating a model pipeline that will assist adults on the autism spectrum find meaningful and gainful employment while enhancing local business innovation.

That is the purpose of Vanderbilt University’s Center for Autism & Innovation (VCAI). The new center brings together academic researchers, educators, employers, philanthropists and community organizers to address one of the biggest

The center has four specific goals:

Develop new psychometric tests that can accurately identify and assess the special talents and skills of individuals on the spectrum;

Come up with novel employment arrangements, management techniques and workplace practices that utilize these abilities;

Invent new technologies that enable autistic and other neuro-diverse individuals to achieve their full potential and succeed in the workplace;

Document and disseminate a community-based model for enhancing the quality of life of individuals with ASD through meaningful employment

No autistic people involved?

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27 Oct 2017, 4:26 pm