Post a random truth (about your dog)

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30 Sep 2020, 3:04 pm

Dog V4 likes using humans as chin rests or cushions.

To start press any key. Where's the any key?


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Today, 12:02 am

She'll happily skip her food or eat it after leaving it for the majority of the day to only consume chews,even after doing a wee or a number two


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Today, 6:17 am

50 years ago, I let my dog run free in Winnipeg, and he never got in trouble. He was perhaps an Alsatian - golden lab mix, rescued near maturity. I named him Boy, and he thought he was famous. Before long, half the people I met already knew my dog.
If I was going out and taking him, about ten minutes before I decided it was time to put on my coat, he'd move to the door mat. If I wasn't taking him, about a half hour ahead of time, he'd lay under the kitchen table and not stir a whisker. However, if I was just going for a walk, he wouldn't know until I'd stop when we got to the sidewalk. Then, he'd jump up spinning, and choose our route. He always led at a comfortable pace, ranging around while I followed, seeing parts of the city I'd never discover on my own. When I started to tire, I'd just stop following, and he'd take us home a different way.

If I was on a residential street, he'd stay in the same block. As we got closer to downtown, he'd stay closer, within a few feet passing stores. If I went into a government office or department store, he'd heel so well that I was never challenged for a leash, without a word spoken. He knew what he could get away with. He'd wait outside the grocers' automatically, too.


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Today, 6:41 am

There is a rabbit that has been hanging out in my yard lately. It sits under a table I have out there.

My yard isn't fenced in, so I keep my dog on a long cord or sorts, so he stays In the yard. He has a good sized range with the thing, but he cannot reach the back side of the table...right where the rabbit has been sitting.

This freakin rabbit sits maybe five feet away from my dog, and it's been there off and on, throughout the day for at least a week now...sitting there taunting the dog in it's delicious, fluffy glory. :lol:

I feel bad for my dog right now. He's being tormented by a rabbit. But he's handling it okay enough. He's not barking at it or tugging on the cord. But he knows it's there, and it's irking him. Poor dude.