Oprah's anti vaxx enabling,silence from the ND organizations

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11 Jan 2018, 1:07 pm

ND organizations have been all over Trump for his anti vaxx sympathies, to his friendship with Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright. ASAN has organized online campaigns against even a hint of cutting medicaid. 90+ percent of Steve Silberman's tweets are dedicated to criticizing Trump. Yet as of this writing I have not seen any of the major ND supporters going after Oprah for her anti vaxx enabling.

I understand there is a big difference between an actual president and a possible candidate. But would not those that are horrified by Trump's presidency been better off if they were "woke" early in the Trump campaign.

At this point the major ND supporters are indistinguishable from their "resistance" peers(Lovass Pun intentional). I thought the whole point of the Neurodiversity movement was to be proud and encourage our different way of acting and thinking. My bad for pre Trump dinosaur thinking.

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11 Jan 2018, 1:26 pm

I've never trusted Oprah to begin with, she wins people over with charm (and social power now), I have yet to see her entertain a deep debate or discussion, she likes to hover topically around controversial issues without really wading into them with personal views of her own. That said I don't watch Oprah so my limited experience of her could be tainting my opinion.

I think the lesson here (for our current era, really) is: don't trust people on TV as credible when it comes to complex issues and topics and don't automatically trust their guests as credible either (whom are only there to promote a product, in many cases the product being themselves and/or their notoriety).