How to develop concrete thinking?

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29 Jan 2018, 11:35 pm

Most of the time I read about this topic it is said that concrete thinking is problematic when you have too much of it at expense of abstract thinking.

However I have opposite problem. Everything is general. I see myself as one representative of human species - I lack sense of self in that sense. I have no drive to make the kill (as to execute something for myself).

I'm prone to think that as we have conscious mind we can step above our needs and do something different to change course of natural action. Like right now I'm thinking that we should question life itself. Is unavoidable pain something that overrules all the pleasures? I'm thinking in terms of end result and I start to think it is so. Timeline is just finite as it renders our efforts momentary things worthless. We seek for energetic minimum. Why we do not already give up as we already know what will happen in the end? What renders momentary things worthy?

Why can't I smell the flowers? As a little child I have thought that this is it I'm practically done.

The age of the universe as in accuracy we can measure means that the age of the human life as in species is much smaller than error margin. We are not clearly part of big picture. We in essence are ego centered bastards.