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17 Feb 2018, 4:58 am

Came across this re proposed NLD subtypes and wondered about people's thoughts on it.

With subtype A I can identify with the education profile of disorganised ideas and a little bit the inattentiveness but not with
accurate but inefficient visual processing . I can't identify with being slow to read but can the social profile to a little
extent .Overall this is the one I least identify with.

With subtype B I can identify with visual-construction tasks,difficulty with motor patterns,body image,spatial
orientation,reading comprehension,math,handwriting,socially- naive,awkward but was not particularly talkative. It's a toss up
between B and C as to which type I most identify with.

With subtype C I can identify with bullet point a to some extent,no close friendships(well one that on hindsight I grossly
overestimated the strength of),difficulty with unspoken social rules, anxious,introverted,variable eye contact,difficulty with
transitions,prone to depression. ... lities.pdf

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19 Feb 2018, 8:44 am

Very interesting. Thanks for posting. Never heard about these subtypes. I'm totally subtype "B" when it comes to my NVLD. The only two things that I didn't identify with were poor performance on line orientation and matrices. I did well on these when tested as an adult, but I very well may have done poorly as a child. My visual-spatial difficulties have definitely gotten better over the years. But I love how they specifically mentioned paper folding. I cannot fold to save my life! And I'm terrible at those puzzles where you have to mentally visualize folding paper and saying which shape it will end up. I had horrible left-right confusion as a child. I still have some difficulty, but it's something that has gotten better with age. I, of course, have the social deficits of subtype "C", but that is from the Asperger's. I don't identify at all with subtype "A", as I have hyperfocusing ability (never had an attention problem), and I am very skilled at visual processing speed. Subtype "B" is what I think of when I think of the actual learning disability part of my NVLD- problems with visual-spatial relationships and overattention to detail without understanding the "big picture." Found it interesting that they specifically mentioned Rey-Osterrieth for subtype "B". When I had my official IQ test/neuropsych testing that diagnosed my NVLD, I scored in the 2nd percentile for Rey-Osterrieth.