(rant) People who talk about autism, but are all TALK

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Mona Pereth

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30 Jul 2019, 4:16 am

Fireblossom wrote:
Mona Pereth wrote:
In my opinion, special ed and other services for disabled children should be staffed at least 50%, at all levels of the hierarchy, by people with the disabilities in question, as these are the people most likely to be able to relate to the children. "Bubbly popular girls" should not be allowed to be more than 50% of the staff, although they can serve useful purposes too, of course.

Assuming they can find enough people for the needed positions that have the needed educations. It'd be hard to find a teacher who's like the students if the students have heavy mental disabilities (what's the English word for people who have IQ lower than 70?)

Indeed a teacher cannot be intellectually disabled.

But a teacher could be, for example, an autistic person who learned to talk late enough to have clear memories of what it was like to be nonverbal. Such a teacher could (in some cases, at least) have much greater empathy for nonverbal autistic children than an NT teacher could.

Or a teacher could also be a person with a specific learning disability, and thus could (in some cases, at least) be better able to figure out how to present the material to students with a similar disability.

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