Head of Anti-Cybercrime Major made....a major Cybercrime

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16 Mar 2018, 3:20 am

It's probably should be nominated of the conspiracy news stories this year...



So in sum the story goes like that:

- In 2017, Suzanne el Hajj (the lady in pic) liked a tweet made by a comedian mocking Saudi Women, Saudi officials and Saudi women were outraged at her since she holds an official position, and asked for apology - this led her to being removed from her position.

The sarcastic tweet was like (translated): 'The news that women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia comes lacking, because it only allows them to drive a car if it is booby trapped [rigged with a bomb]'

The guy who took the screenshot of her 'like' was another comedian actor called Ziad Itani (the guy in the pic above).

https://en.annahar.com/article/675499-m ... tellectual

- In late november 2017, Ziad Itani was arrested for spying for Israel and collaborating with an Israeli woman spy, he almost faced capital punishment for a major treason:

https://en.annahar.com/article/707991-z ... ith-israel

- This month, it turned out Suzanne el Hajj was behind the hack, faking conversations in his accounts.

https://aawsat.com/english/home/article ... y-websites
https://en.annahar.com/article/773586-j ... r-hobeiche

Hajj is now accused of “hacking websites of Lebanese security institutions, ministries, banks and Lebanese and foreign institutions and of trying to involve other people in the crime of collaborating with and spying for Israel,” a security source told Asharq Al-Awsat on Friday.

Itani was arrested in Beirut last November by the State Security Directorate General, which arrested the Lebanese citizen on charges of collaborating and communicating with the Israeli enemy.

Ghaida also issued arrest warrants for Major Suzanne Hajj Hobeiche, the former head of the Anti-Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, and hacker Elie Ghabash at the conclusion of their interrogation at the Military Tribunal in Lebanon.

Making his way out of Roumieh Prison, Itani expressed his delight to be freed, telling reporters "that I was accused of the gravest crime, but now the truth has come out."

The actor then thanked Lebanon's authorities including Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun for "seeking out justice."

:| The guy could be executed for false charges - that was a one hell attempt of a revenge.