Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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19 Apr 2018, 8:06 pm

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why do people keep saying that?

fact is that some people are ugly in all eyes. some people are so ugly that nobody will ever want them.

Because it’s true. There is so much more to attraction than looks.

Sure, as a society average, some people are more “beautiful” than others, but it’s really not the be all end all.

I’m nit into generic hot men. They just don’t do it for me. A lot of other average women feel the same.

but fact remains that some people are so ugly that they will be single their whole life because nobody wanted them.

check my flaws:


why would ANYONE want a guy with that many flaws? :roll:
Well, I accept if that lot's all true then you're ugly (no offence meant), it is a long list of flaws. It must be really hard to motivate yourself on those that you might be able to improve somewhat with so many things stacked against you. I don't think it means you will definitely always be alone and that no one else will ever love you, I just agree that it must be very difficult to keep putting yourself out there.

I don't see any correlation between how much real love people recieve and how physically attractive they are, I just observe that the process of finding love looks to be a lot easier the more standard you are as a person, in looks and personality. I guess the odds are with them.

Then again its really hard to know if all that is even accurate without any picture. Its quite possible for people with self esteem issues to think things are worse than they are. Perhaps some of these features aren't as noticeable or ugly as you think.

Though if you really are so terrible looking things like good hygiene and decent clothes can make some difference. So try and keep up on those things. Chances are though it may not be as bad as you are making it out to be, you may not be the most attractive but I doubt you're monstrously you seem to think you are.

i dont have bad self-esteem, i am just saying the truth. if someone have lost his arm and he says he lost it, does he have bad self-esteem for saying this truth, no.

aren't as noticeable or ugly as you think? problem is that i have 100+ of this flaws....

good hygiene i have but i dont look in any clothes.

i am one of the most ugly guys in the world (seems insane to say it but its truth)....i only seen 2 people named so many flaws as i have.

Post a pic of you.


only if you post first...

He has posted a few photos on this site.
Your turn.