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21 Apr 2018, 11:49 pm

When I learn something new. Something genuine that I had not considered or understood before, it gives me intense physical pleasure, like how one might feel when kissing a pretty girl. Except the feeling is completely internal unlike osculation.

So here's what I learned:

The reason it is impossible to exceed the speed of light is because you are already moving at the speed of light.

That's right. Let it sink in.

You, your couch, your car, the Earth, the entire Galaxy, all matter in the universe is moving at the speed of light, right now. At all times.

It is impossible for you to go faster, or slower than the speed of light.

How you ask?

Through time.

The speed of light is the speed of everything in the universe.

When you are basically not moving (if that's really a thing) you are moving at c upwards through time (think, coordinate graph thing with Y axis Time and X is space)

When you move through space, you give up or trade off some of that speed through time to travel through space. That's why a ship moving very fast seems to have it's clocks slow down. They really do slow down, because they traded some speed through time for speed through space.

Since photons, neutrinos, and gravitons (if they exist) all have zero time, they are using all of their c velocity to move through space, therefore time does not exist for those particles.

We all are moving at c.

We cannot vary our velocity, only trade off time travel speed for space travel speed.

The only way in fact, to exceed it, would be to somehow move faster forward in time, which, there is no method known to do this.

Neat huh?

"Relativity Visualized"
ISBN 0935218-05-X

Here's a link to the book on Amazon. It's okay, I googled it for ya already ... 093521805X

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