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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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11 Jun 2018, 4:47 pm

Hey, I was wondering if there are any other pagans or polytheists here. I'm a Heathen myself (a Norse/Germanic polytheist). I practice a revivalist form of seiðr, which is an early medieval form of shamanism/mysticism taught to the Norse by Saami peoples. Since the historical record is very incomplete, I fill in what is gathered from history (poetry, sagas, archaeological records, accounts by monks and travelers, historical linguistics) with some comparative studies, modern philosophical ideas and ideas from my own life experience.

There are many paths to the Gods, and the head of the Icelandic Ásatrúarfelagið has stated that one may worship in whatever manner they like. I like that modern paganism can be an individualistic and self-directed form of religion, and that the ethics are based around affirming this world and living boldly in the here and now, rather than lists of prohibitions you have to follow to get into heaven. That said, I think there's wisdom in every religious path and I'm not opposed to monotheist traditions as long as they don't take a hateful or exclusionary stance (a problem which comes up in Heathenry too).


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11 Jun 2018, 10:26 pm

I'm caught in an odd place on this one.

My first major outreach in this direction was Hermetic and after a year or so of constant reading I finally decided to join Builders of the Adytum - this was maybe five years ago and I'm still studying.

At the same time I can't help but listen to Gordan White and consider his points about neoplatonism (ie. 'the One') fitting quite as well as animism, in a lot of ways IMHO polytheism and animism fit the kind of naturalism you'd get if panpsychism happed to be the real story of what's going on with consciousness and matter.

Somewhere between the two is Mark Stavish, who I also spent a fair amount of time reading and listening to, and as far as I can tell he's very big on the more classic Masonic/Martinist pre-Golden Dawn stuff, also I think he's mentioned that while he sees Kabbalah as a very useful alchemical framework he'd still describe himself somewhere on the border between atheist and deist, and I think I can relate in that it's really tough to call whatever it is that unites all of this 'God'. It's a bit like the Buddhists I think would suggest that what's up there is too weird, too foreign to our situational conditioning, and we simply couldn't relate to it for what our priorities have to be in life even if you're the Yogi or Arhat who spends their whole life trying to merge with that sphere.

In practice I contemplate a lot, think a lot, study a lot, and maybe only step in and do ceremonial magic or laboratory alchemy when it seems like something that I could really change myself with internally. As for the 'casting spells to get stuff' - I'm too iffy on whether that's even real and to the extent that it could be it seems like the results tend to be such thin gruel for most people that the self-psychologizing gets you a lot farther anyway.

“Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity. For the crowd believes that if it cannot see to the bottom of something it must be profound. It is so timid and dislikes going into the water.” - Friedrich Nietzsche


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12 Jun 2018, 8:49 am

Well, I suppose, considering one of the Moderators Literally did an Exorcism on me as the record still shows, since the last time I swung by this Wrong Planet Website that surely puts me out of the realm of Dogmatic Beliefs; however, it's true I was often referred to as a greatest example of a Christian before I even went back to the Catholic Church as I haven't Missed a Weekend Service since September of 2013. However, again, it's clear i'm not a real 'Catholic' for I do a slow Tai-Chi-like Dance; but in the Back Row with my wife out of my Cognitive Empathy with the Golden Rule as not to distract anyone's Dogma too much.

At least, in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas it is clear, at least too, in those reported Words of Verse 37, where Jesus is reported as saying that to find God one must strip off their Clothes and Tread (Dance) on them and see the Living God as Nature within; sure, Kingdom of Heaven at Hand too, within, in this Generation always now; yes, it is clear that the Flesh and Blood as Reported Jesus was a Pagan too for those times of Dogma too. And even though much of that made it through to the New Testament including the John 14:12 Clause that states folks who really believe in his 'Magical Teachings' of what was described as doing even 'Supernatural Feats' can and will do even more. But of course, ask your typical Fundamentalist Christian what that Verse even states and 99 Percent of the time they won't have a clue for
that proves without a Doubt that Jesus is not God alone in three parts unless we are so-called the John Milton Paradise
Version of a Lucifer and will do more than God now.

It's true, i'm Pagan but i'm Pagan for I enjoy Truth over Lies.

And it's also True I am making a concerted effort to stay within the Dogma of the 'Wrong Planet' by making these lines reach all the way across the Page and staying as Shallow as I can and will away from more Mystical Ways of Life as now even Scientists admit that Systemizing Science by far cannot and does not measure close to all of of our Realities now.

The great thing about Co-Creating your Life; sure, if one wants to name that Pagan away from Dogma still is it really works. I for one Carry the Evidence everywhere I go online with links at least that it does for I have now as milestone and
'featnote' of Life accomplished my own Pagan Bible of sorts that will never fit in the Minuscule Effort of the King James Version of a Bible as it is 7 times Larger in Free Verse Long Form Poetic Form with Archetypal Shapes including Lamps and Chalices in a Newer Age way too that just come all Naturally with Free Flowing Creative and Holy Sacred Spirit with no preplanning in Stream of Holy Creative Spirit way of Art as many Artists who are truly Originally Creative still do now.

And Yes, there are 7 Subchapter Bibles, the size of the King James Version of a Bible included within. And Additionally, 4 Subchapter Bibles that total Close to 1 Million Words as Part of the Entire Pagan-like Bible Effort far out of Dogma as I even do Nude Art in Restricted Links like the original Jesus suggested as a Tantric art to get Free with God within too. No Doubt the 'Nudie' Part makes me look the most Pagan even though the Gospel of Thomas version of Jesus in that Verse 37 highly encourages this Artful Activity of Human to find God Living Naked within as Nature obviously will when we see Nature worthy of Making every Step of Life as Dance Holy and Sacred and at least in my Case of Life every Word Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose by making all my Words a Poem on top of all that over 9400 Miles of Public Dance too achieved in the last 58 months along with 'Superman' and or 'Overman' Physical Strength Achievements like Leg Pressing 1020 LBS still at age 58 on a Very Difficult Parallel Free Weight Leg Press Machine still up to 52 reps as of Last Night's effort too, several hundred Pounds over what any of the so-called elite Marines, 3 to 4 Decades younger than me can do there on the same machine. Yes, I do 'it' for I believe I can and will and with enough laser focus in practice now I just do 'it'.

My Current MacroVerse Pagan-like Effort is Titled, "Dear John 14:12 NoW", for as much as that may "Chap the Butts" of Modern Christians, "Oops I did it again", as whoever wrote the Dear John story said was Possible then. Well, True, in the original Yogi-Like and Pantheist-Like and Naturist-Like Version of Jesus for those who 'see' what was reported as just not vague but really real as Nature God now; no doubt, I verily reflect that version more now than Most Catholic Priests I visit now on Sunday Morning for just the Joy of Singing with other Flesh and Blood Human Beings and sure if they are brave enough to Hold My Hand during the so-called Lord's Prayer as i sing with Choirs of 'Angelic Host' too for true Dogmatic
Leaning Folks will often be a little Leary over the Metro Dance Legend as no that's not in my mind but in the Words of
the more out of the Dogma House Liberal Human Being Spectating And Video Voyeur Smart Phone Audience closer to the Beach of Free Down south in the Florida Panhandle now away from LA Lower Alabama of what seem a whole lot like Hell to me now away from totally Free with Nature God.

Only Big Difference really is, I Dance Naked like that "Pagan Jesus" did as Reported in the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37; yes, unashamed on top of all Cultural Clothes (in other words out of all the 'Matrix Dogma') wherever I go and to be clear with a Vague Metaphor Warning too, even when I do wear clothes, in other words while I Dance in Public Stores while everyone else is clothed away from a Dance that Loves all of Life as God now with no separation as sadly Modern Christians still don't even get the Deeper Meanings of their Sacred Texts that still exist along with all the Roman Empire Christians
Soldiers Marching on to conquer and expand empires darker parts of what remains in a Dusty Old 2K year or so
Book before it was even actually revised and printed then again and again in English in the 16th century that
sadly as abstract constructs for many Folks has replaced Living God Within always now real and the Kingdom
of Heaven within that is as real as a Living Hell of Gehenna within too as Garbage Dump of Life for Dead
things within that and who rot of Soul in Feeling and Sensing Life worthy of calling all of Life something
so much bigger than just a three letter word of symbol where all of life becomes Holy and Sacred Full
of Meaning and Purpose where God simply and complexly Lives in as all of Existence always now as just am is.

I go for Essence and Like real Pagans out of Dogma I am Wild and Loving Free and I do things no one else has ever
accomplished in life to this point at least on the record for I simply Believe I can and will and with 100 Percent
Faith as Love with no Fear about anything in this life as I move one word and one step each Now in Flow
Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose I make it Happen and Do prove all that I say here
irrefutably as such in the Empirical Evidence Case Study of my Life now at least as it is. And it's
true the Males as Naturally More Dogmatic in Life as far as Systemizing Science Minds go don't
like what I do very much as a way of life out of rules too. But the Women with the Artful Minds
and Bodies in Balance; well, let's Just say the Record Speaks for itself in over 2000 Smiling Faces
in Autograph Selfie way with me in the same Period of 58 months too as Documented in my Bible whole
and it's also true too, at least some of them, verily are not offended by my Nude Art too as I Dance Naked
still all over the clothes of Dogma and the 'Matrix' same and different too. True, I do things now most Young
Men could Never imagine being fearless enough to do; and the diagnosis of Autism from being a Non-Speaking
Child until Age 4; well, let's just say too that's the Last thing that folks Label me out in the Wild now. Yeah, for all practical
intents and purposes as far as the Dance goes, I've done the so-called impossible and 'cured' my Autism now too; but
nah, as far as Reciprocal Social Communication goes I am still too "Fast and Big and Deep" for most folks to Comprehend.
And as Far as special interests and repetitive behaviors go in Narrow Laser Focus; well sure, a 6 Million word Bible and 7 Subchapter Bibles and 4 Subchapter New Testaments of that 'SonG oF mY SoUL' Speak Directly to that too; but Baby
Do I Move So Wild and Free Loving 'it' 'all' in a 'God' 'Dance' of 'Life' 'Nature' 'all' 'me'.

I am what I am
and that's my style
of Haiku and Haibun for now.

Just Dropped by for Milestones and
"Featnotes" to share as what techstepgenr8tion
shares in out of the Dogma ways is just about the only
reason I even come back here to visit, as I outgrew this place in Jonathan Seagull ways
in a Galaxy still far far away that's real and my Right Planet now. So, So long until we meet again
And the really good news still too as far as "Dear John 14:12" goes now is if someone as lost as me before in Hell
on Earth in an Aghogday as Another Ground Hog Day in Hell for 66 Months can and will do it you probably can and
will do even more than me too. But if you don't Believe with 100 Percent Faith as Love now in you not likely at all
as it's true that part of an original real story hasn't changed a bit since the all of the Human History of us now still
yes, on the 'right planet' remembered now in as you; call 'it' what you like, 'Nature or Nothing' 'it' is what 'is' just now
as you will make 'it' too. And to be clear, I'm not directly addressing the Author of 'this Op' with the word 'you', now.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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12 Jun 2018, 9:00 am

I used to be involved in a circle of pagans, until I realized that their rituals and practices were nothing more than a massive time-suck, just like any organized religion.

Even the Christian God detests these things...

Amos the Prophet wrote:
I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them. Though you bring choice fellowship offerings, I will have no regard for them. Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps.
(-- Book of Amos, Chapter 5, Verses 21 through 23)

For the record, I am not an Atheist; I just hate religion.

Remain Calm!
Hug a Bawapakerwa-a-a-awapawab!